Harmony Between Man and Nature Inkstone and Contemporary Ink Art Summer Exhibition

May 24, 2019 - May 24, 2020

Eastover Eco-village 收藏的极有艺术价值的inkstone,作为人工与天然的合成物,inkstone 既是ink painting 和书法的用具,同时也是一种独立的艺术品,它体现在不同石材的润度、色泽、稀缺性; 雕刻的精美和创意。这个展览将展出不同石材和不同雕工手工制作的充满天趣的 inkstone,也将让观众了解到中国文化的笔墨之道。

展览将免费对公众开放,参观时间:每周三-周日,  但需预约,预约电话: 866-2645139



At the same time, there will be an exhibition of inkstone, an artistic value collected by Eastover Eco-village. As a synthetic product of man-made and natural, inkstone is not only an instrument of ink painting and calligraphy, but also an independent precious work of collectibles and art, which embodies the beauty and creativity of different stone materials in terms of their moistures for making good ink, color, scarcity and sculpture. This exhibition will show the interesting inkstone handcrafted by different stone materials and sculptors. It will also let the audience understand how Chinese culture is conveyed through brush and ink.

Ink Art exhibition:

Lubrication: Zhang Zhaohui solo show

Zhang Zhaohui is a mid-career Beijing-based artist who has been deeply involved Chinese art torrent and practise over the last three decades.  Zhang learnt traditional Chinese ink painting and calligraph during his childhood, with a dream of artist career.  His education at Museum Studies program at NanKai University allowed him, in 1988, to acquired an assistant curator position at the National Museum of Fine Art. During 7 years’ in-service at China’s top art institution he had acquired a great deal of first hand experience, including the ongoing Avant Garde art movement and international travel exhibitions.

A grant from Asian Cultural Council brought him, in 1995, to study the curatorship at Bard College in up-state New York. Around the turn of the new millenium he came back to Beijing to start his new career as a freelance curator and independent artist. In 2016 he quit from his PhD program at CAFA(Central Academy of Art), and then devoted himself onto the rennovation and transition of ink painiting into contemporary art expression.

Over the last decade ink art emerges as one of the eye-cataching phenomennon. Zhang Zhaohui is one of the outstanding practitioner active in new Chinese art horison. Based on his in-depth research of traditional art history/theory and world modern/contemporary art, Zhang gradually developed his own art language, which is infuse Chinese ink painting with “selected elements of Western modernism, thus producing a hybrid formthat revitalizes his culture’s single most representative medium”. His repertoire is an organic integration of abstract, optical, minimal, with ink-on-rice-paper, refreshing the ideology-charged sterotyped Chinese contemporary art.

The upcoming solo show, entitled Lubrication, is Zhang’s first major presentation in USA, showcasing 23 pieces over a span of 8 years. The exhibites can be roughly divided into three catagories. The first presents a otherworldly prinstine territory, a picture of Daoism key tenet: the world’s automatic operating before and after humankind. The spirit drenched landscape reminds viewer of Friedrich’s image of open nature signifing a statement of sublime. The second category is semi-abstraction inspired by poems during Tang Dynasty (618-907A.D) . It is dialogue with sentimental natural surroundings, such as wind, rain, bamboo, leafage, etc. The third section is pure linear abstract works, which are highlighted in the show. Patterns constructed by ink lines in different layers and with varied saturations of water. The grayish light penetrates the surface, softens conflict, shedding a moist luminosity: all images is a study of light, the various significant metaphors of light.

The exhibition will be open to the public, free of charge. Visit time: XXXXXX per week, but reservation is required. Reservation telephone: XXXXX

Opening: May 25th 2019, 6:30—8:30pm
Duration: May 25 – Jun 30, 2019  10:00am – 5:00pm
Presented by Eastover Projects
Co-organizer: REC Foundation
Sponsor: Ten-Po Art
Curator: PingJie Zhang
Program Dir.: Yu-fu Hsu












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