Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Quan with Master Ling Ning

Jul 27, 2018 - Jul 29, 2018

This comprehensive Tai Chi Quan class consists of three sessions:

1) Learn the Traditional Yang Style 9 Form Tai Chi Quan where beginners will learn how to perform basic Tai Chi Quan step by step.

2) Improve some individual movements in the Traditional Yang Style 85 Form Tai Chi Quan; theories behind the movements will be discussed.

3) For experienced Tai Chi practitioners, you will have the opportunity to learn some advanced topics and practice push hands.


Tuition: $100
On the register page, tuition, room, and daily breakfast are included in these room prices.
Lunch and dinner are separate at $20 (plus tax) and $25 (plus tax), respectively.



Friday, 7/27

4 PM: Registration

6:30 PM: Dinner

7:30 – 9 PM: Class

Saturday, 7/28

8 – 9 AM: Breakfast

9:30 AM – 11:30 PM: Class

12:30 -1:30 PM: Lunch

2:30 – 4 PM: Class

4 – 6 PM: Self-guided hiking in the woods

6 – 7 PM: Class

7/29, Sunday

8 – 9 AM: Breakfast

9 – 11 AM: Class

11:30 – 12:30 PM: Lunch


Master Ling Ning is the 7th generation successor of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, Champion of Tai Chi Sword of the 11th International Tai Chi Chuan Competition, Head Coach of Shandong Yongnian Yang Style Tai Chi Culture Development Center (SDYNC).

After watching Master Ning’s performance of Tai Chi Quan in Boston early 2017, a Tai Chi practitioner wrote: “What grace, flow, balance and power! It was inspirational”.  A Tai Chi teacher wrote: “I am humbled to have had the privilege to watch such a master perform. I have seen other Masters perform but Master Ning has a style and grace that was, to me, far more eloquent. She captivated you with her beauty and professionalism.”

One of Master Ning’s Tai Chi Quan performance can be seen through this link:


Our menus are based on group preferences and budget. We offer delicious, balanced vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals which typically include raw salads and hot vegetable dishes. Upon request, we will gladly prepare unseasoned blanched or steamed dishes for lunch and dinner. We easily accommodate gluten/dairy free needs, and many of our seasonings and oils are provided on the side for guests to season meals to taste. Several rooms have refrigerators, so guests are welcome to bring food that suit their needs if they have issues we cannot accommodate. Please note that we are unable to reduce meal costs due to food allergies.

Payment Policy

A $50 non-refundable deposit is taken at the time registration occurs.
The full balance is collected 7 days prior to arrival.

Cancellation Policy

Other than the deposit, no fees are incurred if cancelled up to 7 days after reservation date.
50% of the total cost is retained if cancelled less than 4 days prior to event.
The $50 deposit given at registration is non-refundable.