Opening of the Heart Sheng Zhen Meditation & Stillness with Li Jing

Nov 10, 2018 - Nov 12, 2018

We are lucky to have the most gifted Jing Li with us, since at very young age, Jing received teachings from the divine.

To feel at ease and be worry free is a wish of everyone. Everyone is seeking something – a deeper meaning in life and long-lasting happiness.

When you look externally, people are searching and seeking ways to be healthy and happy from the outer world. When you look internally, and the long-lasting happiness and the deep contentment exist inside the heart. Can you feel your heart?

Xin 心 (pronounced ‘shin’) is the Chinese word for Heart.

Sheng Zhen meditation (pronounced ‘scheng djen meditation’) lead practitioners to the innermost being – the Heart. The capital ‘H’ brings up the awareness that the knowledge of the Heart in Chinese life and culture is not identical as the ‘heart’ we speak among native English speakers.

  • In Chinese culture, “Heart is the master of all the internal organs” (Neijing ∞ Suwen, chapter 8; Neijing ∞ Lingshu, chapter 71)
  • The Heart is the seat of all emotions (Zhang, 1642; Li et al., 2013)
  • “The Heart … is in control of the mind.” (Neijing Suwen, chapter 9)
  • The soul resides in the Heartsee Chinese word 心靈)(Li et al., 2013)

The characteristic of Sheng Zhen meditation is the cultivation of the Heart! It opens the Heart to enlarge the capacity of the Heart. How much the Heart opens is how much ability we can gain to live a meaningful life!

If the Heart is emotionally closed, negative feelings such as fear and anger accumulate. Consequently, these heavy negative emotions influence the brain, the thinking way and the view of life. Meanwhile, the negativities overload the physical heart (and also affect other organs). As a result, the mind is narrow and the heart is thirsty for love (or 心灵缺少了爱的滋育).

Sheng Zhen meditation opens the Heart with the power of love! Through meditation in motion and in stillness, this practice frees the Heart from smallness and tightness. FEEL love in the Heart! Feel at ease, be worry free and healthy!


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Jing Li was born in 1973 in Beijing, China. Jing started to practice Wushu since she was 8 years old, became a professional athlete in China when she was 11, and she has take part in competition for many times. She won the first championship on Taiji Quan in 1989 National Youth Wushu Competition of China at her age of 16. Later on she became world champion of Taiji Quan and Ba Gua Zhang.

Jing had her Bachelor of Science in Commerce, settled down in Hannover, Germany, made an educational program of “24 steps Taiji Quan” Series with Sweden UR TV Station.

Jing Li is the member of World Academic Society of Medical Qigong.
She is a principal teacher of Sheng Zhen meditation and healing (International Sheng Zhen Society).
She is also the member of teaching committee of Wushu Federation of the Philippines.

In 2017, JingLi finished her 3rd degree study and received degree for licentiate of Sport Science in Örebro University, Sweden. Her research topic was on the traditional Chinese sport – Qigong. The title of her dissertation is “The culturally significant key component of Qigong, ‘Heart adjustment’, is lost in translation”

She has published the following two articles:

1. Li, Jing; Ericsson, Christer; and Quennerstedt, Mikael (2013), The Meaning of the
Chinese Cultural Keyword Xin (Heart) , Journal of Languages and Culture 4(5): 75-89.

[PDF]The meaning of the Chinese cultural keyword xin – Academic Journals…/article1379496939_Li%20et%20al…
Diese Seite übersetzen
von J Li – ‎2013 – ‎Zitiert von: 5 – ‎Ähnliche Artikel Journal of Languages and Culture. Full Length Research Paper. The meaning of the Chinese cultural keyword xin. Jing Li*, Christer Ericsson and Mikael Quennerstedt. School of Health and Medical Sciences, Örebro University, Sweden. Accepted 3 April, 2013. In China, the word, xin ..

2. Li, Jing; Jouper, John (Accepted in January 2018),

Jing is now one of the main teachers of Sheng Zhen Gong which she learned from her father, its principal teacher. Sheng Zhen Gong is a complete system that utilizes the power of Unconditional Love. The practice not only aims at removing disease and maintaining good health; but also seeks to remove stress, balance emotions, have a better attitude toward life; through the opening of the Heart one experiences true well-being in this life.


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