Phoenix Qigong workshop with Sifu Joe Lok

Jun 25, 2019 - Jun 30, 2019

Phoenix Qigong is a Qigong of Taoist original developed mainly for health. It enhances the thousand year old practice of Dao Yin “導引” directing energy to flow to harmonize body and mind. Energy is directed to flow in the fascia clearing blockage and thus relieve pain at the muscles. Energy flows through the joints in perfect posture to realign the lints and relieve pain at the joints. Energy also strengthen the organs clearing blockages at the meridians to improve immunity. In the workshops Master Joe Lok will provide clear instructions step by step on the posture and movement for a smooth qi flow for every student in the workshop so that every student will arrive at rather high accomplishment at the end of the workshop. The Phoenix Qigong and its workshops are welcome worldwide and have been enjoyed by everyone attending the workshops over the years.


$595 per Person


Phoenix Qigong Workshop Schedule

June 25-30, 2019



Day 1

Basics on the posture and movements, and to ignite or initiate the qi commanding ability for everyone with a basic form and breathing techniques.

Day 2

5 basic movements in the Phoenix form to motivate qi to benefit the Spleen (earth), lungs (gold), kidneys (water), liver (wood), heart (fire).

Day 3

A recapture of the previous movements and five additional movements to spread the joints and move qi in the 8 extraordinary channels.

Day 4

A recapture of the previous movements and five more movements to flow qi all over the body.

Day 5

A recapture of all the movements and going into deeper aspects of the Phoenix Qigong and qigong for health.


Master Joe Lok is Dragon Gate 20th generation Taoist designation Ming Qing 明清. His specialty is to offer deep theories of how human merges with nature with the help of his qigong to benefit body and mind almost instantly during the workshop. His work has been appreciated by thousands of students worldwide over the years.

Phoenix Qigong 鳳舞祥雲 Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing

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