Spiritual Qi Gong Healing with Healer and Psychiatrist Dr. Paul Hannah

Apr 12, 2018 - Apr 15, 2018

During this precious workshop,

Dr Hannah will help the students identify their mental blockages that keep them from fully blossoming.
Key Points:

Learning to Utilize “Soul Qualities” To Create Radiant Health:

-Soul Qualities that improve Lung optimal function
-Soul Qualities that improve optimal Heart function
-Soul Qualities that optimize Liver function
-Learn Qi Gong, Breathing techniques to calm the mind and relax the body.

Additionally Dr. Hannah will cover the following:

  • Spiritual Qi Gong intentions (which align mind, emotions, body and spirit for harmonious universal interconnectedness)
  • Energy blockages that is associated with:
    • Anxiety
    • Stress
    • Depression
  • The Meridian Acupoints for treating:
    • Anxiety
    • Stress
    • Depression
  • and powerful Spiritual Qi Gong Breathings that can neutralize stress and toxic energy


$595 Early Bird for tuition. $650 after March 15th.
On the register page, tuition, accommodations, and meals are included in these room prices. Couples king and queen room included two person meals and tuition, 2nd spouse enjoy 20% off tuition.



Arrival Day

4 PM: Check-in

6:30 PM: Dinner

7:30 – 9 PM: Introduction to Workshop

Days In Between

8 – 9 AM: Breakfast

9 AM – 12 PM: Class

12:30 -1:30 PM: Lunch

2 – 5 PM: Class

6 PM: Dinner

7 – 9 PM: Teaching Assistant or Self-Practicing Class

Check Out Day

8 – 9 AM: Breakfast

9 – 11:30 AM: Class

12 – 1 PM: Lunch


Paul Hannah M.D. is a compassionate Master Teacher and a humble lifelong student.  He uses conscious radiant breathing to transmit unification and purification in the world.  As a life energy consultant, Dr. Hannah works with people to create greater harmony in their lives, harnessing his own internal practice to help others realize their full potential.

Dr. Hannah has studied Qi Gong with numerous masters and is an inner door disciple of Grandmaster Hong Liu.  Much of his formal Qi Gong training has come from Grandmaster Hong, Grandmaster Kwok (Hong Kong), Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit and Grandmaster T.K. Shih.  On the metaphysical plane, Dr. David M. Berry introduced Dr. Hannah to the wisdom of life science and adopted him as a “spiritual son”.

Additionally, Dr. Hannah has benefited greatly from the inspiration of Dr. Michael Beckwith, Master George Hu, Dr. Barbara King, and the spiritual friendship of America Martinez (psychic).

Professionally, Dr. Hannah is a board-certified psychiatrist and a graduate of the UCLA Berkeley medical acupuncture program for physicians.  He also completed training from Nanging University, where he was licensed for acupuncture, moxibustion, and auricular therapy.


Our menus are based on group preferences and budget. We offer delicious, balanced vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals which typically include raw salads and hot vegetable dishes. Upon request, we will gladly prepare unseasoned blanched or steamed dishes for lunch and dinner. We easily accommodate gluten/dairy free needs, and many of our seasonings and oils are provided on the side for guests to season meals to taste. Several rooms have refrigerators, so guests are welcome to bring food that suit their needs if they have issues we cannot accommodate. Please note that we are unable to reduce meal costs due to food allergies.

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The $50 deposit given at registration is non-refundable.