Weekly Five Day Scientific Fasting and Meditation Retreat – Reclaim Clarity and Rebuild Self Immune System

Dec 06, 2020 - Apr 30, 2021

Day time keep doing your normal online job like home, no activity. Evening meditation, qigong or yoga class, And Learn how to cook such meal home

Can you get dramatic health benefits from a modest adjustment in how you eat? A clinically-proven regimen that mimics fasting with a low-calorie, low-protein and low-fat diet for 5 days every 4 monthssays yesOver 20 years of research at USC has shown this simple, 3-times-a-year, regimen to be superior to ongoing calorie restriction, 1 or 2 dayintermittent fasting, or extended fasts. Besides reduced waist size, the 5 day fasting diet activates longevity genes and regenerative cells, reduces inflammation, and improves a variety of bio-markers for both healthy individuals and those challenged by illness.  The 5 day regimen is not austere. The meals are savory and satisfying. For the rest of the month, you can eat as usualHowever, we strongly suggest a 6 month plant-based diet in addition to a fasting regimen, as meat protein is acidic and fish is unavoidably polluted. 


While research is ongoing as to what makes this diet so effective, it has been demonstrated to clear dampness in the body, reduce inflammation,  and rebuild the essential microbiome system that has received so much attention from the health community recently.

For those struggling with acute health issues, here are some specific clinical results from the USCresearch led by Dr. Valter Longo:


Specially targeted foods are available through health practitioners if you are currently undergoing treatments, such as radiation therapy. 



Fasting is a thousand year tradition in China.  While qigong, taichiand meditation are integral to itsmental health practice, fasting is integral to itsmedicine practice. Some fasting can last many days or monthsincluding water-only regimens, as well as restricted diet fasts, such as rice soup (porridge) and apples. Some Chinese masters use herb formulas to do more cleansing at the beginning of the fast. [And we will explore some of these as well.]


Scientific verification of fasting benefits is not new.  150 years ago, German doctor and scientist Arnold Ehret did extensive research on fasting.  His book Mucusless Diet Healing System: Scientific Method of Eating Your Way to Health encouragedpeople to use fasting as part of their maintenance for mental (clarity) and physical health. 

At this year’s annual A4M anti-aging congress conference, attendance by doctors doubled comparedto last year.  Most of these doctorswho came from around the world, practice what is known as functional medicine, which is based on finding the underlying cause of a health problem, and focuses on lifestyle changes, such as diet, exercise, sleep and meditation. Research on fasting was one of the main topics of this year’s conference.  Many of the doctors jumped on the Fasting Mimic Diet wagon, and will be implementing it with their patients. 

Come join this exciting revolution in personal health care, and learn how to prepare these delicious, nutrient-packed Semi-fasting meals at home.

Monthly Five Day Low Cal, Low Fat, Low Protein Scientific Fasting and Meditation Retreat – Reclaim Clarity and Rebuild Self Immune System and Microbiome to Fight Depression, Inflammation and Disease .

Meditation and Fasting have been practiced together for thousands of years in Asia. This week, we shall do the same, practicing different forms of meditation as we set out on a healthy fasting journey.

Why Meditation with Fasting?  Fasting is a physical cleansing.  Meditation is a cleansing of the mind.  From birth, we are conditioned by society along specific guidelines, whose limited perspectives can narrow and confuse the mind.  Just as shown in this picture. 

Meditation, as Paul Puddicombe said in his new book “The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness”, creates mindspace, enabling us to see with clarity from a wider perspective. While striving and achieving are inherent to our nature, meditation enables us to realize that our most lasting happiness and joy is not found in the goals we set for ourselves.  This realization helps us to live a life of ease, confidence and freedom in the face of life’s obstacles, heartbreaks and inevitable setbacks.  

Between meals morning and afternoon, we will practice the Standing Post Meditation. One of the most potent of all meditations, Standing Post not only calms our mind, it tones our muscles from head to toe, opens our chest, and strengthens our kidneys. With respect to just muscle toning alone, 15 minutes of Standing Post Meditation is the equivalent of one hour of Aerobic exercise.  

Other meditations will include:

Sitting meditation and chair meditation.  A combination of Vipassana (mindfulness) meditation and Sheng Zhen healing meditation.  Sheng Zhen healing meditation is very age-friendly, with simple, graceful movements that activate healing energy throughout the body. Vipassana meditation is designed to allow the mind to escape its habitually chaotic, mindless, flow by training it to be fully present to each arising moment, beginning with the ever- arising movement of the breath throughout the otherwise stilled body.  The practice has been compared to taming a wild elephant by tying it to a post. At first the elephant constantly fights against its restriction, but gradually it comes to accept it, so that even if the rope is untied from the post the elephant does not wander off.  So too, as mindfulness develops, you do not feel yourself to be controlling the mind, so much as settling into a relaxed, but alert, awareness, called “bare awareness,” whether such bare awareness remains fully with the breath or on the thoughts or feelings that inevitably still arise.  Done as a daily practice, Vipassana eases our worries and anxieties. Our heart becomes settled as our mind, habitually attuned to each arising moment, gains a liberating clarity. 

Apply new discoveries in the science of happiness by exploring seven science-based habits of well-being: relationships, caring, flow, wellness, positive mindset, spiritual engagement and meaning, and strengths and virtues. In particular, we explore the intimate relationship between physical and psychological well-being, with a focus on the impact of exercise, circadian rhythms, and nutrition, including the exciting new discovery of psychobiotics. Learn about the remarkable parallels between the new science and ancient wisdom on well-being in a setting that encourages self-exploration and critical inquiry. Participants will walk away with concrete tools to cultivate one or more of these happiness habits and explore how to use these habits in personal life, professions, and communities.


Yingxing Wang, a student of science born and grew up during the cultural revolution in China, founded Eastover Estate and Eco-Village about a decade ago, a place very much needed for self healing and bring healing to others.

Studied with many masters of qigong and different healing modalities, holds certificate for Sheng Zhen Meditation.
Also A licensed Chinese acupresure hypnosis.

Year long positive psychology study certificate w Tal Ben Shaha

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Maggie Law founder of Art Oasis Inc.

🌟Maggie Law芊桦老师
2008年,因健康問題,開始探索人生意義,開始习练瑜伽中的密教”Kundalini Yoga”,
2012年,完成「日本光明灵气道」Reiki Master最高等級能量疗愈導師认证



積累多年昆达里尼瑜伽、Reiki靈氣道、Sound Bath等等相當落地的能量療愈教学经验
主持的 Art Oasis, 是紐約華人社區第一家提倡傳統瑜伽、Reiki能量療愈教學的中心,十多年來,服務了眾多有緣人


呼吸術,打坐冥想、體式、放鬆減壓術、Gong Bath 、Singing Bowls等等聲音療愈



🌟Prem Maggie Kaur 🌟
An artist 、a yogi and energy healing practitioner since 1989
Experienced and confirmed that “I am my own best doctor”.
Completed 220 hours of Kundalini yoga teacher training(2010).
100 hours of Yin Yoga teacher training(2018).
10 Years of Energy yoga teaching experience.
Certified Japanese Reiki Master.
Certified Doterra Aroma level two Therapist.


Tuition of $120/day on register page.

Accommodation not included in the tuition fee.



Sundays – Fridays

Meals are regular time.

Lunch and dinner soup and salad,
special nutrient packed breakfast.

Morning and Evening activity only

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Our menus are based on group preferences and budget. We offer delicious, balanced vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals which typically include raw salads and hot vegetable dishes. Upon request, we will gladly prepare unseasoned blanched or steamed dishes for lunch and dinner. We easily accommodate gluten/dairy free needs, and many of our seasonings and oils are provided on the side for guests to season meals to taste. Several rooms have refrigerators, so guests are welcome to bring food that suit their needs if they have issues we cannot accommodate. Please note that we are unable to reduce meal costs due to food allergies.