Yoga & Energy Healing Retreat with Hanna

May 02, 2024 - May 05, 2024
image of yoga reiki healer hanna
Join us for a lovely yoga & energy healing retreat. This will be a weekend of Hatha yoga and restorative guided healing sessions, and embodiment and alignment workshops. This retreat is geared towards providing your body and mind a safe space for deep inner exploration and relaxation. When we provide the body with spaciousness, anything that no longer serves us has the chance to be released.

What does this Yoga & Reiki Healing Retreat consist of?

  • Guided meditation & pranayama every morning
  • A refreshing yoga class each morning
  • Two workshop classes to realign and adjust the body with energy work and pose alignment
  • Healing-centered activities or restorative yoga in the evenings
  • A supportive safe space and community for reflections, discussions and questions
  • Brunches, dinners, and snacks!
  • Free time each day to explore nature, hike, wander the town, or nap…whatever you want!

This yoga & energy healing retreat will consist of a smaller group so that each person gets plenty of hands-on healing and adjustments. A smaller group will also allow for more individual support throughout the weekend. All healing sessions are done in a communal space with the rest of the group.

Though the physical activities will be open level and accessible, this retreat will be very energetically intensive. The healing work that you will do during this weekend will take time (months even) to settle into your system, and you may also experience a physical cleansing period during or after the retreat.

Questions, please contact us:


$450 extra


The workshop was phenomenal. Well-paced and well organized, gentle and yet intense, a powerful mixture of journaling, meditation, healing, yoga flow, assisted poses, and community. Hanna is a gifted teacher and potent healer who creates a relaxed yet focused environment ideal for self transformation. She understands the workings of the human body and can pinpoint specific areas to work on for maximum transformation. She is also keenly aware of the mental and spiritual dimensions of life and applies them extensively in her healing and instructions. A wonderful experience overall!!
– Livia Kohn Professor

I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Hanna. Her teaching technique, grounded in an intuitive, gentle strength, is a gift to her students. She is alert to bodies and skilled at listening to them. Her weekend workshop helped stretch and release new energies (which have, in turn, enhanced my meditation practice). I strongly encourage yogis at any level to work with her, should you have the chance. Simply put, Hanna brings something special to the practice.
– Laura Martocci, Ph.D.

This retreat was AMAZING. It was perfect timing for me because I was having a spinal fusion two weeks later. Hanna and all the other retreat goers were amazing and I left there feeling so refreshed, and in such a positive space, preparing myself for surgery. I truly cannot explain the connections that were made with other retreat goers. Not knowing what I was getting myself into, meeting so many wonderful people with so many different backgrounds and styles of life. What a true connection in such a short period of time. I feel so blessed and grateful.
– Stacey



Arrival Day Thursday

6 – 7 pm: Dinner
7 – 9 pm: Arrival Ceremony

Friday & Saturday

7 – 8 am: Coffee & Tea available
8 – 9 am: Meditation & Pranayama
9 – 10:15 am: Yoga
10:30 – 11:30 am: Brunch
11:30 am – 2:00 pm: Free time
2:00 – 5:00 pm: Embodiment Workshop
5:00 – 6:00 pm: Dinner
7:00 – 9:00 pm: Healing Space activity


7 – 8 am: Coffee & Tea available
8 – 9 am: Meditation & Pranayama
9 – 10:15 am: Yoga
10:30 – 11:30 am: Brunch (check out by noon)


Hanna is a Katonah Yoga teacher and restorative yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, Astrologer, and Akashic Records Reader. She uses various healing modalities in her work, especially with a leaning towards energetics and Daoism. She is also an artist.


During the yoga & energy healing retreat, brunch and dinner will be the meals provided. They will consist of healthy vegetarian food to assist the self-healing process. Coffee, tea, and snacks will also be available in the morning and afternoon.

Eastover easily accommodates gluten/dairy free needs, and many of our seasonings and oils are provided on the side for guests to season meals to taste. Several rooms have refrigerators, so guests are welcome to bring food that suit their needs if they have issues we cannot accommodate. Please note that we are unable to reduce meal costs due to food allergies.

Payment Policy

A $50 non-refundable deposit is taken at the time registration occurs.
The full balance is collected 7 days prior to arrival.

Cancellation Policy

Other than the deposit, no fees are incurred if cancelled up to 7 days after reservation date.
50% of the total cost is retained if cancelled less than 4 days prior to event.
The $50 deposit given at registration is non-refundable.