Who am I?

Lao Tzu: The Dao that can be described is not The Dao – 道, 可道, 非常道
Please do the following experiment with the video below: Enter a position of meditation, sit or stand in a most relaxed position, shut off the sound, and begin eye watching the video only. Begin with focused attention, but gradually relax your focus on the video and more and more quietly feel the senses of the body—feel the heartbeat, feel the Dan Tien breathing. Whatever you feel, or any subtle awareness, whether in the physical body or subconscious awareness, all these experiences that you are feeling are closer to who we are, our truer existence. Then do the following: turn on the sound, listen intensely, and notice that your mind will not stop grasping words, conceptions, or feelings that have been stored in your head or body. Instant by instant what we have stored generates interpretations of the video and sound. From this we can see that our stored knowledge provided us with answers to the questions the video asks about the nature of existence—knowledge of who we are that’s not too far away from the knowledge that we had collected since our birth. Isn’t it true, tho, that your silent experience, which cannot be described in words, actually feels closer to the truth of who we are?