Eastover Community Classes

Complimentary to In-House Guests



  • Saturday 9:30, change to 10:am in person Basic Qigong w/ Ken Nelson 
  • Saturday 11:30am in person Qigong with Terry
  • Sunday 4:00pm in person Tai Chi for health w/ Terry
  • Tuesday 5:00pm in person: Qigong and Taichi with Greg: Silk Reeling Qigong and the 7 Form Tai Chi
  • Wednesday 9:00pm Zoom session Qigong with Yingxing Wang – Body and Soul Connection Standing Qigong, Awakening through breath work
  •  On demand private yoga zoom classes with Hanna, please book ahead of time


Please call Eastover in advance if you’d like to sample (”Walk In”) a class – 866-2645139.