Tally Ho

The enormous, country style renovated stable called Tally Ho is the perfect event hall for large events. It contains an enormous stone fireplace, high rafters, a full theatrical stage, and an expansive dance floor. Big enough for any event, it’s 4800 square feet allow for massive seated dining for 350 guests with a total capacity of 475 guests.

An onsite short-order full kitchen for groups needs food catering services.  There is also a separate standing bar with its own spacious mingling area.

With character straight out of Victorian hunting stables, Tally Ho’s thick wooden interior and antique barn hardware are all authentic reminders of its historic bygone era.

Even deeper into Tally Ho is booth seating that was converted from large horse stalls. Roomy enough to seat 10 per booth, this area even has its own small performance stage. This provides a remarkable opportunity for your party to host a large loud event while also catering to a quieter more intimate conversation area with its own separate entertainment venue.

Tally Ho is an event hall that has a genuinely vintage style, ideal for even a formal wedding, large public festival or boisterous dance ball.

What Tally Ho offers:

  • A sound system that is plug and play for most sound necessities.
  • A podium that is able to serve conferential needs.
  • A full bar that is able to serve either alcohol or juice depending on your needs.
  • A full kitchen for cooking & plating.
  • A private dining area in the old stall that gives the unique opportunity to provide a quiet conversation space next to the larger party.
  • Rooms on the second floor that are transformable to serve as either large luxurious suites for weddings or dorm-style living for an event.
  • Neighbors our eco-greenhouse that is available for touring.
  • Offers scenic mountain views.