The 3 Group Rental Options


A basic facility rental


The teacher(s) self-organizes & self-sponsors

With Eastover’s $500 initial online marketing assistance.


Eastover co-sponsors with you

You keep 70% tuition after ads costs.

Our Rental Facilities

Restaurant Kitchen

A fully equipped separate restaurant kitchen to host cooking classes.

Tally Ho

A multi-purpose venue that can accommodate over 470 guests and features a large stage and professional sound system.


The Mansion

The Mansion offers program space to accommodate over 120 guests, including the Terrace Room, which is bathed in sunlight and large enough to host 140 additional participants.

Indoor Heated Pool

Capable of hosting water aerobics classes.

Mohawk Studio

A multi-purpose space with brand new lighting structures and hardwood floors.

Camping Grounds

An incredible facility for event organizers.