About Anlin Wang

Master Anlin Wang is the founder and lead lecturer for the Harvard GSAS Anlin Taichi Wudao Association and Oriental Traditional Culture Science & Research Association. He is the founder of the Anlin Double Spiral Self Healing System. Master Wang has won the World Martial Arts championships 8 times and is a long-term host, teacher, and general counsel for the Shandong Province TV station. He was a special Dharma teacher at Beijing Long Can temple, the General Counsel of World Martial Arts for Argentina, Italy and Korea, and in 2006, he was elected to be a part of China’s Traditional Wushu team, where he won two gold medals in world championships. He now teaches in the Boston area as a licensed Qigong Natural Healer. In his practice, he applies the Qi of Loving Heart Inner Energy on acupressure points using a needle-less Qi-guiding technique so that he can rejuvenate his patients and maintain their good health through his Qi healing treatments.

Anlin’s Detailed Bio

Anlin Wang was born in Jining City, Shandong Province, China on February 18, 1964. He started learning Shaolin Kung Fu and other martial arts when he was 4 years old.

1979      Formally studied WeSheng Quan Qigong with famous martial arts grandmaster Song Ruyi / 宋如一,   then became the official lineage holder of WenSheng Quan.

1985      Established his own school  “Anlin School of Martial Arts” in Jining, ShanDong province, China.

1986      Earned TCM apprenticeship qualification, became a member of Jining TCM Association.

1987   Taught martial arts in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China, at the same time studied with Fujian Province famous TCM Dr. and Qigong, Bigu / 辟谷 (Fasting) grandmaster Lin Huabin / 林华斌.  He learned Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, Qigong therapy and Taoist Bigu method.

1988   Exchange and studied Taoist inner Dantian Qigong and Taoist Meridian orifices natural healing method with the President of Qingdao Laoshan Taoist Culture Association 孙道长(诚虚子).

1989   Established “China Traditional Martial Arts School of Wensheng and Shaolin” in Siping City, Liaoning Province, China.

1979 – 2008   Every year, on behalf of the Shandong Province team or Chinese national team, participated in the martial arts competition, won numerous domestic martial arts competitions and awards, and won eight World Traditional Martial Arts Competition Gold medals. 1995 to 1997, three time winner of the Jinan International Wushu Festival masters champion. In 1998, on behalf of the Chinese team in Italy, he participated in the World Wushu competition, won two world championships. In particular in 2006, on behalf of the Chinese national team, he participated in the world traditional Wushu Championships, won the two singles world champion.

2001   Argentina Martial Arts Federation and the World Martial Arts Federation of Italy, respectively, hired Anlin Wang as the general counsel of the martial arts.

2003     China General Administration of Sports Bureau made 20 DVD sets of Anlin Wang WenSheng Quan teaching series.

2005    Elected to be the executive director of Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Federation. Formally studied Buddhist meditation with Zen Master Wuming master 无名大法师, and Zen walking meditation with 隆藏法师.

2006 – 2007     Taught martial arts (three times per week) at  Shandong Province TV station. Also the General Counsel of the Chinese martial arts for the TV station.

2007   Advanced training at China Academy of traditional Chinese medicine in Beijing, China, earned the Senior TCM Qualification certificate. In the same year was elected executive director of the Jining  Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Hired by the Republic of Korea traditional martial arts as their general counsel of the martial arts.

2008     Boston  (PEM) and  invited Anlin Wang to U.S. during the Olympic Games in Beijing, he made a special trip to the United States to teach Chinese martial arts.  In the same year Mr. Wang made the Chinese Martial Arts and Qigong teaching DVD which was collected by the Library of Congress.

2010   Mr. Anlin Wang, with the world of martial arts champion status, had access to the United States Immigration Bureau as the world’s outstanding talent immigration. Now he is in the United States teaching martial arts, Qigong and Taoism and Buddhist meditation and culture. With the Massachusetts Massage License, he engaged Qigong, acupressure and other natural healing methods. He often travels to Argentina and other countries to teach martial arts, Tai Chi, Qigong, traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese culture.

2014   Founded “Anlin Taiji and Martial Arts Association” and “Oriental Culture Research Association” at Harvard University, where he teaches Taiji, Qigong, TCM, and Chinese culture.