Eye Qi Gong Workshop with Master Teresa Yeung

Jul 20, 2019

Learn directly from Master Teresa Yeung, the Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® which had 4,000 clinical research studies led by 100 medical team in early 1990s with over 90% success rate in China.

~ Improve Vision
~ Liver – Detox
~ Headaches and Migraines
~ Improve Sleep
~ Reduce Stress

Eyes are the window of your health and its most treasurable. Eyes like any part of the body also requires the same help, a nice flow of Qi Energy in the eyes. Improving the Chi of the eyes support your own body.

The form has been created to curethe bleeding eyes of Grandmaster Wu’s mother. After she recovered, she could put thread onto a needles in her 80s.

It consists of a series of gentle, easy to do eye movements together with a focused breath. It can be performed in a sitting or lying down positions. It is excellent as a prevention and support tool for improving the health of the eyes and liver. The teachings are comprehensive and educational.

More testimonials : https://purelandqigong.com/eye-chi-gong-program/

Fee: $200 ( incl DVDs $120 value)
Couple rate : $350( 1 set of DVDs)
Family rate of 3: $420 (1 set of DVDs )

Bonus: Group Chi Healing

Date: July 20 Sat 7.00 – 8.30pm

Master Teresa cares about you so you can always ask her questions without charge regarding how to practice properly and/or join her future classes at a repeat student fee.


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July 6, 2019

7:00 – 8:30pm


Teresa Yeung is a Generational Master of Chi Master, visionary, medical intuitive, and 2 X #1 international bestselling award winning author. The mission and motivation of Master Teresa is rooted in a traditional Chinese Proverb, “when you give a person a fish, you feed them once, but if you teach them how to fish, you feel them for a lifetime.” She founded the Pureland International Qi Gong to raise consciousness, and develop knowledge and teachings to accelerate integrative healings of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual state. She is the sole successor of Grandmaster Weizhao Wu’s lineage. In 1995 Wu obtained the highest official title in China and further appointed as Liasion Man to select Qi Gong talent for China. He was a National Treasure of China and creator of the highly successful Wu’s Eye Qi Gong helped millions of people.



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In August of 2007, I had an unexpected medical emergency of a detached retina, which caused me a great deal of concern. The doctor said that I had to have surgery urgently to re-attach my retina. I had the surgery immediately on August 17, 2007.

I have a background in mind and body medicine, and realized that if I found the right teacher, I could use energy to assist in my healing. Natural healing is very important to me. I was introduced by my friend, Ed Dolezal, to Master Teresa® before and felt I would like to experience her work. Therefore, I started to practice with her through a few telephone sessions. She taught me how to take my power back by practicing Qi Gong and healed with her Qi.

While feeling improved with the Qi Gong sessions, I was pressured to go for more surgery, which I did. My surgery was successful and the doctor was very impressed by my advanced healing. The attachment was almost perfect, solving over 80 percent of the problem. Altogether I had three eye surgeries, but I never stopped my Qi Gong practice.
Now I have recovered 85 percent of my vision, which is a miracle. Every time I visited the doctor, she was impressed with the speed of my eye recovery. Practicing Qi Gong regularly is indeed very good for my natural healing. Master Teresa® has a positive influence with my eyes!

I want to express my deep respect and appreciation to Master Teresa® for her assistance during my medical/surgical crisis. Thank you again, Master Teresa®, for your excellent care and gentleness in the way you were working with me to help me understand and trust more the power of our inner energies and the method of Qi Gong.
Dr. Roxanne Daleo (Dr.Roxie) has over 20 years experience helping children help themselves with stress-related disorders. A Health Educator who taught at Harvard University Health Services, she has successfully developed programs to foster your child’s resilience, self-esteem and coping for a lifetime of wellness, wholeness and wisdom.

Dr. Roxanne Daleo, PHD – Health Psychology
(Harvard, Massachusetts)

I suffered some vision loss from glaucoma and intraocular pressure. Since my diagnosis, I’ve been focused on doing everything I can to keep my eye pressure down. I take medicated drops, but I am also making changes to my lifestyle, including trying alternative healing approaches. I was referred to Master Teresa Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® Form and thought I would give it a try, not knowing what to expect. Right away I felt her energy and the comfort that came from her encouragement. She helped me to focus on a number, which was lower than any eye pressure reading I had after months of using my eye drop medication. Amazingly, at my next doctor’s appointment, my eye pressure reading was exactly the number that Master Teresa® had helped me envision. I was very encouraged and will continue to supplement my medicine with Qi Gong practice.

Carlo Di Giovanni, Labour Relations Lawyer
(Toronto, Canada)

Website: http://www.upfhlaw.ca

A patient of mine had been experiencing severe eye pain as a result of macular degeneration. This pain prevented her from reading, that being one of her favourite activities. I taught this patient some very simple breathing, movement and visualization techniques that I had learned from Master Teresa®. After just a few weeks of practicing these exercises for only 15 minutes daily, this patient states that her eye pain is 90 percent improved and she can now read for several hours each day.

Dr. Nelson, MD
(Florida, USA)