Self-Healing Retreat for Cancer Patients with Dr. Kevin Chen and Dr. Linda Nadia Hole

Sep 20, 2020 - Sep 27, 2020

This 7-day retreat was designed to support your cancer recovery. By teaching mind-body integration techniques, stress management, and much more, your journey to self-healing for general health and overall well-being will be much better supported. Participants will learn evidence-supported self-healing techniques designed to enhance your recovery and develop a positive, optimistic and confident attitude about your life journey.

Led by internationally-renowned expert Kevin Chen, PhD, the retreat encouraged participants to EXPLORE, EXPERIENCE, and ENGAGE in topics such as pain management, nutrition, exercise, mind-body medicine, and stress management. Movement-based sessions enlivened the body, while the interactive lectures stimulated the mind and spirit.

This special retreat designed was specifically for people who have faced cancer, and their caregivers. Participants gained powerful skills designed to:

  • Maximize health and wellness through Mind-Body skills
  • Increase energy and confidence
  • Minimize the immune suppressing impact of fear and stress
  • Maximize the body’s self-healing potential
  • Teach Qigong techniques designed specifically to support cancer recovery

Also included:

A special workshop on nutrition by Dr. Chris D’Adamo
Healthier, Happier Relationships with Dr. Linda Nadia Hole

Who Attended: People facing cancer or have had cancer in the past. Participants were encouraged to bring a family member or caregiver at a reduced price in an effort to support their well-being, too!

Agenda and Tentative Schedule for 7-Day Qigong Self-Healing Retreat


$700/ Person


Saturday, Oct 24th, 2020 – Arrival Day

4:00 pm Arrival

6:30 pm Dinner

TBA by Dr. Chen Saturday, Oct 31th, 2020 – End of Workshop

Guest Speaker

Dr. Kevin Chen is an associate professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and president of the World Institute for Self-Healing, Inc. With Chinese origin and a life-long Qigong meditation practice, Dr. Chen is among the few scientists in the U.S. who has both extensive knowledge of Qigong as well as active involvement in Qigong and meditation research. He is the associate editor-in-chief of the English version textbook “Chinese Medical Qigong” (2010), and the publisher of Yang-Sheng, a magazine that promotes self-healing of the body, mind and spirit. Dr. Chen has extensive experience using Qigong to facilitate health and healing in people facing cancer, and have offered similar intensive Qigong training for cancer patients for many years.






Dr. Hole is an integrative holistic physician with over 35 years of experience, including decades of experience in her medical practice.  She is a pioneer in the integrative holistic approach to the treatment of cancer and other chronic conditions.  Read more about her here.

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