Taichi Alchemy: Yang Cheng Fu’s 13 Original Postures with Rick Barrett

Jul 20, 2018 - Jul 22, 2018

This is a VERY ambitious Taijiquan program:

  1. The Three Pillars. How to access a rooted, coherent, whole-body energetic connection INSTANTLY, even under duress. Essential for any internal practice.
  2. How to access Super Conscious awareness…FAST!
  3. Yang Cheng Fu’s 13 Original Postures. A short, powerful, large frame Taijiquan form that can be learned in a weekend. Best of all, we’ll integrate the Three Pillars and Super Consciousness into our form practice.

The Chinese internal martial arts derive their extraordinary power from the
conscious control of one’s subjective state of being and the use of internal power
(jin) rather than by muscular contraction. Through body-mind- spirit integration,
heightened states of awareness are experienced and supernormal abilities are

Traditionally, taijiquan is taught from the “outside in.” That is, one learns the
movements and over years of practice (if at all) only gradually becomes aware of the
internal power that makes it so effective.

This seminar reverses that by showing how to access jin from the start and how to
inculcate that into each movement of a taijiquan form. “Yang Cheng Fu’s 13 Original
Postures” was learned from Master Yang Fukui, who learned it from his great grand-
uncle, Zhai Yongwen, in Hubei. It is a short, powerful large-frame form that can be
learned in a weekend. Video support is provided to assist continued practice.

TCM doctors can receive 13 PDAs from NCCAOM with this workshop.


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Friday, July 20. Afternoon (3 hours)
Introduction. Demonstration of Yang Cheng Fu’s 13 Original Postures. Explanation,
demonstration, and practice of The Three Pillars:
1. Energetic coherence/tensegrity (zheng-ti jin). Whole-body energetic
connection. Produces a feeling of body-mind integration and mental clarity.
2. Central Equilibrium (zhong ding). Our habitual way of standing and moving
tends to block our energetic connection with the earth and sky. Central
equilibrium reverses that and opens the door to true rooting (energetic
connection with the earth) and effortless power.
3. Song kua. Muscular tension in the hips blocks the energy flow, weakens the
body’s foundation, and produces a myriad of health problems. Song kua
allows for powerful, fluid movement and enhanced qi flow.
The Three Pillars provide the foundation for all taijiquan movement and the
predictable, effective application of jin in its various forms. These principles are introduced in this section and included in each posture studied. Each posture is
examined and tested for jin, and demonstrated for martial application.

Friday Evening (2 hours)
Postures: Preparation. Opening. Cloud Hands.

Saturday, July 21. Morning (2.5 hours)
Postures: Single Whip. Fist Under Elbow. White Crane Spreads Wings. Brush Knee.

Saturday Afternoon. (2.5 hours)
Postures: Play Guitar. Strike with Fingers. Turn and Punch. Strike with Back Fist.
Punch with Right Fist.

Saturday Evening. (2 hours)
Postures: Ward Off. Roll Back. Press. Push. Cross Hands. Closing.

Sunday, July 22. (3 hours)
Review. Q&A. Applications in healing. Discussion of superconscious awareness and
moving meditation.


Rick Barrett has been teaching Chinese internal martial arts and practicing energy healing in New York City for over a quarter century, and has been studying for almost forty years. His two primary teachers are William C. C. Chen and Yang Fukui.

Rick’s investigations into the martial side of taijiquan led to several national championships in Taiji Push Hands and to develop what he calls “Love-based Martial Arts.” He demonstrates clearly how the martial artist is empowered by love and hindered by fear and anger.

Rick is the founder of Tai Chi Alchemy and has published two books, Taijiquan: Through the Western Gate and Finding You in a World of It. Influenced by Martin Buber’s I and Thou, the integral philosophy of Ken Wilber, and the research of cell biologist James Oschman, Rick has developed an effective way to quickly and dependably access energetic coherence, heightened states of consciousness, and authentic engagement and to integrate that and more into the lived life.


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Rick Barrett has been a martial arts brother of mine for over twenty five years. In these decades we have had the good fortune of studying with some of the most accomplished teachers of external and internal arts. Some were true artists, some true fighters. In the department of internal arts none managed to translate their full skills into an easily translated, digested and integrated teaching. Rick, being a true alchemist, has managed to decipher this black magic term into a methodical and easily absorbed system. His dismantling of the true physics of internal martial arts has managed to show me things that have eluded me in thirty five years of study.

The true leap from Newtonian mechanics into Quantum application and magic as promised by internal artists is effortlessly accessed. Most importantly, love is the paradigm through which one is bathed in his transmission of this ancient art form. Empty your cup and take a drink of your true nature while learning to be truly embodied. And need be, kick some effort less butt with a smile on your face and love in your heart.

– Abdi Assadi