Master Teresa Yeung Private Healing Sessions

Master Teresa Yeung is here now at Eastover for a short time! She is an internationally recognized Master of Chi Gong, speaker, healer and author who speaks on how to achieve your physical, emotional and spiritual balance . She is the founder of Pureland International Qi Gong, a certified private institution teaching how to do chi gong healing “fa chi”.She is successor of Grandmaster Wu’s lineage, educator and creator of the highly successful Wu’s Eye Qi Gong helped millions of people. She is U.S.A. National Certification Commission for Acupuncturists and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), as a continuing education professional development activity (PDA) provider.

Please select the choice you wish to do

1. Reduce and clearing aches and pain e.g. frozen shoulder, arthritic issues
2. Reduce stress and anxiety
3. Digestive problems
4. Clearing and improving the functions of any parts of your body eg. tumors, acid reflux, frozen shoulder, skin problems

5. Breathing problems
6. Grief clearing
7. General balancing and clearing

Each session will include a complimentary body energy scan without extra fee


15 minutes $65     (choose 1 service)

 30 minutes  $125  ( choose 2 service)

 60 minutes  $245  (choose  3 services)

Four Sessions Package for Personal Transformation

If you are ready for a transformation for moving forward, this package is the best deal for you.

Session 1:

Rebalance all chakras and organs
Clearing negative chi, and replenishing with healing chi

Session 2:

  Forgiveness – you will feel deep peace as stuck energy is being removed.

Session 3:

  Chi empowerment to increase self-love and self-appreciation to oneself

Session 4:

  Remove deep traumatic energies on the cellular level

Package Fee for 4 sessions: $850
Individual Session: $245 (1 hour session)

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