The Deyu Hall Eastover Residential Cancer Treatment and Rehabilitation Center

Jan 04, 2019

Eastover Estate & Eco Village welcomes Deyu Hall Cancer Treatment and Rehabilitation Center to Eastover, Lenox. Eastover  is a holistic center dedicated to planetary health and personal wellbeing with ongoing life-affirming classes, events, retreats and one-on-one personal care. Located on a 600 acre sanctuary within the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, it’s amid one of the country’s most inspiring cultural centers, just minutes from Shakespeare & Co., Tanglewood, Jacob’s Pillow Dance, Norman Rockwell Museum, and other such creative venues.  Eastover is not affiliated with any specific spiritual tradition ~ it is eclectic and open to a broad array of wellness modalities including Macrobiotic Philosophy, Shamanism and Chinese Medicine.

The Deyu Hall Eastover Residential Cancer Treatment and Rehabilitation Center

Deyu Hall is well-known to Chinese and other foreign nationals for their successful treatment of cancer through the use of centuries old Taoist principles and Traditional Chinese Medicine. With a belief system centered on the “Tao” (the Way/Source) its focus is the cultivation of “Source” energy as a way of life. The doctor of Chinese Medicine was therefore thought of very highly – well respected for their dedication to a practice that, while not theistically oriented in the traditional sense, stemmed greatly from a reverence for the Source of all things. In addition to the extensive use of herbs, acupuncture, qigong and massage, doctors practicing Chinese medical sciences were devoted to Qi cultivation by way of the practice of meditation, breath control, and Taoist ethics that instilled, among other virtues, simplicity, compassion and a non-fear based/non-dogmatic sense of morality.  In the tradition of Chinese medicine masters such as Sun Simiao, Hua Tuo and Li Shizhen, Dr. Zhang Dechao is outstanding in this field – catering to cancer victims for decades, he has cured and brought hope to many patients with the creation of his “Anti-Cancer Stereotherapy” – a treatment for which he has garnered much praise as well as the nick-name “Doctor God”.


$10,000 - For 1 Month,
$20,000 - For 2 Months,
$30,000 - For 3 Months



January 4, 2019

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Dr. Zhang Dechao:

Dr. Dechao received the title of Master of Acupuncture and Moxibustion from the Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. His father, Zhang Sinan, was also a Chinese Medicine doctor, and the inventor of the first generation of the Acupuncture Induction Electrotherapy machine in China.  He studied under Professor Sun Guojie, Editor-in-Chief of Chinese Acupuncture Masters, was a student of Wu Wenwen, and is proficient in spiritual teachings and ethics. From childhood he demonstrated interest in ancient Chinese texts on morality and medicine, reading such classics as the I Ching and The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine to acquire the wisdom of sages.  Dr. Dechao has traveled extensively to places like Wudang Mountain and Shennongiia in China to collect exotic medicinal herbs in an effort to lay the foundation for his role in ridding the world of cancer.  

Chinese Medicine requires an acute understanding of plant/herbal material, of decoction and concoction, of diet, Three Dimensional Therapy, and intuitive skill, of which Dr. Zhang Dechao has a proven record of competency based on his countless successes. Is there a mystical or “heavenly” component to TCM? If you ascribe to the teachings of the previously mentioned Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, the answer is YES.  In this book of medical gods translated by ancient and contemporary scholars, Qi Bo, the mythological doctor, minister and teacher in the employ of Huang Di (the Yellow Emperor), is enlightened by Divinity with the knowledge and secrets of Chinese Medicine. From the standpoint of this “god-born” form of medicine, there is no such thing as an illness that takes life away – a “terminal” illness;  instead, there are sensitive matters of imbalance relating to our bodies that require skillful (even blessed) attention, that stem primarily from blockages – both physical & emotional, and from inflammation typically brought on by mucus and phlegm.

Career Titles:

Director, World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies

Advising Council, New York State Licensed Acupuncturists Federation

Director, Brazilian Association of Acupuncture and Moxibustion

President, American Greater China Institute for Health Research

Director, Shenzhen Medical Research Center, Macau

Master of Medicine, Hubei University of Chinese Medicine, China

The 3 Main Advantages & Features of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Malignant Tumors

1) With the use of Chinese Medicine methodology, doctors can effectively treat cancerous tumors by   enhancing the body’s resistance/immunity. Years of research shows the human body is capable of producing “anti-cancer” cells that prevent tumor growth and metastasis.

2) Traditional Chinese Medicine possesses the inherently curative qualities of safety, reliability, and stability. It is able to naturally control symptoms, stabilize conditions, improve patient’s constitution, and reduce recurrence rates.  Unlike western methods, this form of cancer treatment does not increase patient suffering – making it most favorable to thousands of patients.

3) Chinese Medicine treatments improve quality of life. After the treatment of cancer in this less invasive manner, patients tend to become more self-aware, and to lead lives geared towards health and overall wellbeing.

Chinese Medicine Successfully Addresses the Common Side Effects of Modern-Day Cancer Treatment

After surgery, patients often experience weakness, spontaneous sweating, loss of appetite, constipation, and other symptoms; there are some as well, who never fully recover intestinal or other bodily functions.  Likewise, during and after chemotherapy, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, bloating, diarrhea, and fatigue are common place; and radiation therapy can cause thrombocytopenia, white blood cell loss, fatigue, sore throat/painful swallowing, cough, sputum and loss of appetite. Chinese/Herbal Medicine can target these side effects very specifically, easing the patient’s overall recovery process without toxins or drug dependence, and in the process, it is known to have lowered the incidence of disease recurrence.  

Postoperative Care

After surgery, a patient’s vitality is greatly injured, often resulting in a severely weakened state. The use of traditional Chinese Medicine can promote the recovery of surgical injuries, improve vital energy, and repair the body’s overall constitution.


Bone marrow and the gastrointestinal tract are often adversely affected by chemotherapy.  In clinical practice, it’s been found that Chinese Medicine combined with chemotherapy can reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapeutic drugs, and enhance the body’s immune capacity.

Elderly Patients

It is recommended that elderly patients with multiple underlying diseases seek Chinese Medicine care for prolonged life-expectancy, and an improved quality of life.

Diet Conditioning/Anti-Cancer Strategy: 

Dr. Zhang Dechao believes that dietary care for patients with cancer is of vital importance. Therefore, he conducts targeted diet therapy for his patients – all with varied constitutions. How? By treating the disease while implementing “dietary rejuvenation practices” – an integral part of TCM.  China’s earliest known book of medicine was written approximately 2000 years ago on the “Su Wen Miasma Theory” which stated (in mystical, roughly translated terms) that “When poison (‘evil’) attacks, grains and fruit are required – five specific fruits will help us, five specific meals will fulfill and benefit us, and together with certain aromas/scents, they serve us as the essence of Qi replenishment”.  Meaning that when/if drug treatment spreads toxins (‘evil’) throughout the body, the consumption of fresh fruit, grains and other nutritious foods can repair these toxic effects. The future of food therapy lays on this the foundation. For some people, an unhealthy/inappropriate diet can lead to the onset of cancer, while a reasonably healthy diet can regulate the inner “environment” of the body and reduce the recurrence and metastasis of tumors. It is therefore necessary for cancer patients to establish proper/correct dietary practices that encourage the healthy flow of Qi and contribute to overall strength, better sleep, vitality, and a resistance to adverse mental stimulation.

A Trilogy of Adjustments:  Body • Mind • Rest

Adjusting life patterns can become a battle for cancer patients.  A correlation can be made between the resistance factor of our “inner walls” and the survival rate of cancer patients. Why? In Chinese Medicine, mental illness is thought to be related to a disconnect from spirit or divinity – the human heart suffers from this disconnect and the mind does as well. People become prone to living with fear, anger, sorrow and chaos.  Chinese Medicine sages believed these emotions block the flow of Qi (life-force energy) and contribute to blood stasis – a common cause of inflammation, blockage, mucus build-up, and life-threatening diseases including cancer and heart failure.

Deyu Hall brings its “Trilogy of Adjustmentsto the Eastover Estate & Eco Village, of Lenox, MA

Located far from the pollution and erosion of air quality found in most cities, the natural environment at Eastover is conducive to healing, general wellness, and meditation practices – allowing patients to forget the world’s countless stress factors, many of which serve to trigger long-standing emotional turmoil and depression. With its state-of-the-art physiotherapy and professional teaching staff now at Eastover, the center is additionally capable of providing help to patients suffering from the psychological effects of living with cancer by means of these ancient practices together with the highest standards in US patient care today.


Our menus are based on group preferences and budget. We offer delicious, balanced vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals which typically include raw salads and hot vegetable dishes. Upon request, we will gladly prepare unseasoned blanched or steamed dishes for lunch and dinner. We easily accommodate gluten/dairy free needs, and many of our seasonings and oils are provided on the side for guests to season meals to taste. Several rooms have refrigerators, so guests are welcome to bring food that suit their needs if they have issues we cannot accommodate. Please note that we are unable to reduce meal costs due to food allergies.

Payment Policy

A $50 non-refundable deposit is taken at the time registration occurs.
The full balance is collected 7 days prior to arrival.

Cancellation Policy

Other than the deposit, no fees are incurred if cancelled up to 7 days after reservation date.
50% of the total cost is retained if cancelled less than 4 days prior to event.
The $50 deposit given at registration is non-refundable.