Soul of Love Fest

Oct 20, 2018

~ 10 AM – 5 PM ~


Co-Sponsored by Science of Spritualy and Eastover Estate & Eco-Village as a power up event to World Parliament of Religions in Toronto Nov 1st – Nov 7th, 2018 

Contact and Registration info: 413-347-3171,



10:00-10:30 am Register and meet and greet. (All events are located at TallyHo building except lunch which, is in the Mansion)


10:30- 11:15am Introduction and Meditation Workshop: The Inner Path To Oneness; 5 Steps to Unity of Heart and Soul. Andrew Vidich

11:15 -12:00pm Silent Meditation Sitting


12:00- 1:00pm Iyengar Yoga with TAMIR (At TallyHo)

Nature Walk around Eastover Grounds with Paul Gniadek (Meet in front of TallyHo and bring comfortable walking shoes.)


1:00pm -2:00pm Lunch At Eastover (At TallyHo dinning hall)


2:00- 3:00pm Speakers from 3 Religious and spiritual traditions; Hinduism, Christianity, Sant Mat, and Sufism, Wahida,


3:00 – 4:30pm Soul Of Love Music Fest; A Sacred Music and Poetry Offerings celebrating Divine Unity (Mark Keslo and Sherrie Howard, Steve Grinold, Ira and Julia Levin and TAMIR and Linda Worster)


4:30-5:00pm Wrap up closing prayer and meditation;


Break for Dinner:  (at Mansion or on your own).


6:00 – 6:30 pm Musical Offering (Ira and Julia Levin.)


6:30 – 7:00 pm Meditation sitting (At TallyHo)


7:00- 8:00 pm Wrap Up: The Soul of Love in Action 




WAHIDA JANICE YOUNG has been involved at the Abode of the Message, a Universalist Sufi community in New Lebanon New York, since 2001. She has held various roles as an employee and spiritual leader after training in Suluk Academy with Pir Zia, head of the Inayati Order, and trained as a Reverend Cherag, leading Universal Worships on Sundays.  She is also the volunteer Coordinator and Center leader at the Abode, a T’ai Chi and QiGong practitioner, a Feng Shui consultant and former temple keeper at the Grafton Peace Pagoda.  She has committed her life to tending sacred space and spreading the Message of love, harmony and beauty.


BRUCE McCARTER , Psy.D. is a retired psychologist whose clinical work focused on and treating trauma and nurturing wholeness. He has meditated and studied the Dharma, Tibetan Buddhism in particular, for over 30 years. He is the  resident teacher at the Pittsfield UU Meditation Sangha. He is also the director of the Ahimsa Institute for Buddhist and Peace Studies. He has studied with many of the great lamas of the Sakya and Nyingma traditions, as well as His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He was a authorized to teach by his main teachers, His Holiness Sakya Trichen and Khenpo Migmar Tseten. He has been practicing T’ai – Chi  and other internal martial arts since 1979. He is also a student of Daoist and Native American traditions and is currently working with Mi’kmaq elder, David Lonebear Sanipass. He believes deeply in the importance of interfaith collaboration. [see Ahimsa Institute Facebook page].


DAVID LONEBEAR SANIPASS is a Mi’kmaq elder, storyteller, master flute maker and musician  He comes from a family of basket makers from Northern Maine. He was trained since a young boy by a variety of elders who traveled from around the world  to the mountain where his family lived. David has been traveling and teaching for the past 42 years, but only recently to non-natives. David gives simple guidance to assist in the lighting of one’s own inner light. He shares teachings and technologies for community, as he has translated from the copper scrolls. He is highly versed in advanced math, physics, astronomy, and other fields. [see Star Teachings Facebook page and YouTube channel].




TAMIR, an actress with a background in classical theatre, is a poet, playwright and performer of three one-woman shows, including “In the Land of Israel” and” I Belong Elsewhere” and most recently “NOW”. Her CD of devotional readings, “Poetry on Prayer”, is an interfaith celebration of the human spirit. She wrote” The Embrace” about dying consciously and the struggle of letting.  A vibrant presence, she has always been seeking higher truths and was drawn to Rumi’s surrender to the inner transformation that set his heart ablaze. She is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher and has taught at Columbia University for fourteen years.


MARK KELSO: When Michael Jackson’s  Heal the World Foundation wanted a musician for the World Children’s Congress at Michael’s Neverland Valley Ranch they asked Mark because of his long standing work with kids and the spirit in his music.  Mark founded Muddy Angel Music after leaving the Virgin Records label, Narada, in order to create spirit-inspired works that did not shy away from religious overtones, nor cater to them. If you’ve heard Mark in concert or any of his musical productions, you might mistake him for a genius.  Genius isn’t something he is, although it does seem to stop by regularly. From Madison Square Garden to healing resorts and churches across North America, Mark has brought his gentle wildness to play music for many thousands of people.


IRA AND JULIA LEVIN Julia and Ira are a harmony-driven acoustic duo known for their sun-splashed, peace infused songwriting that connects on a universal level and celebrates our common humanity. These award winners (Indie Acoustic, Empower Music, CTFolk, S.Florida Festival, MASC) were 2017 SERFA and 2016 NERFA Formal Showcase Artists and 2014 Falcon Ridge Emerging Artists. Unique harmonies and tightly blended unison vocals, along with their guitar and piano interplay, reflect the couples own compatible musical/personal relationship which began after meeting at an open mic at The Freight and Salvage in Berkeley CA. Their My Friend Hafiz CD debuted in the top 20 on Folk DJ & their latest, TRUST, in the top 10. (Top 10 song/2015, J.Platt, WFUV) and “underscores the positive messages of love, peace and self-awareness. Each tune serves as another stepping stone toward a better day & a richer life.” Tom Staudter.


LINDA WORCETER She has performed in many coffeehouses, colleges, churches, healing centers, cafés, and clubs; and opened for many well-known artists including Livingston Taylor, Harry Chapin, Paul Stookey (of Peter, Paul, and Mary), Leo Kotke, David Bromberg, Bill Staines, Dave Mallett, Jonathan Edwards, Joan Baez, Richie Havens, and Taj Mahal.

Livingston Taylor added his vocal talent to Linda’s 1986 album “The Choice”. In 1989, Linda co-wrote and recorded a duet with Joseph Shabalala (of Ladysmith Black Mambazo) on her “Moment to Moment” album. She’s also joined on that album and on “True Friend” (2003) by longtime friend, Eugene Friesen (cellist for the Paul Winter Consort).



SHERRIE HOWARD: Sherrie has a degree in Music Education from the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. She loves to share her beautiful singing voice in her yoga classes, through the practice of Kirtan, and in performance. Music has been part of her life since she was very young and it is part of her dharma path to share its dynamic and healing power with others. Her hope is that by sharing her musical gifts she will allow others to connect with the uplifting source that she feels fulfilled by when creating.


STEVE GRINOLD is a professional musician who sings and plays acoustic/electric guitar in a variety of popular/rock/blues/jazz styles. As a spiritual seeker, he enjoys playing soulfully to inspire meditation, but also likes to deliver energetic music that creates joy and enthusiasm!