World Qigong Taichi Day 2020 Weekend Retreat

Apr 24, 2020 - Apr 26, 2020

Celebrate with us on

Friday April 24, 2020,  7 pm – 10pm.

Saturday April 25, 2020,  9 am – 9 pm.

April 26, 2020,  8 am – 1:00pm. 

World Qigong Taichi Day is a day of FREE presentations, demonstrations and mini-classes offered by nationally recognized leaders of Taichi, Qigong, Chinese Medicine and Eastern philosophy. Bring your friends & family and dive into the wisdom of ancient Eastern healing traditions. With knowledgeable teachers, discuss and experience practical, modern applications of these healing practices.
Lunch : $20/person
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April 24th, check in is at 4:00pm.

Dinner: 6:30 – 7:30pm

Friday evening at 7:30pm – 10:30pm presentations: 

The Illusion of Will, Self, and Time: William James’s Reluctant Guide to Enlightenment with Jonathan Bricklin

In order of appearance on April 25th, each presenter has 15-20 minutes to showcase their practice, groups are welcome to use Eastover ground to conduct their group activities. Evening group sound healing session with Jay Emmanuel.


Morning Practice: 7:00 – 8:00am (tea coffee available), Zhang Zhun (standing post) meditation. One of the most effective Taiji and meditation practice.

Breakfast 8:00 – 9:00am

9:00am – 9:10am: Host Opening Introduction


9:10 am – 10:00am
Dr. Kevin Chen is an associate professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and president of the World Institute for Self-Healing, Inc. With Chinese origin and a life-long Qigong meditation practice, Dr. Chen is among the few scientists in the U.S. who has both extensive knowledge of Qigong as well as active involvement in Qigong and meditation research. He is the associate editor-in-chief of the English version textbook “Chinese Medical Qigong” (2010), and the publisher of Yang-Sheng, a magazine that promotes self-healing of the body, mind and spirit. Dr. Chen has extensive experience using Qigong to facilitate health and healing in people facing cancer, and have offered similar intensive Qigong training for cancer patients for many years.

Self-Healing Retreat for Cancer Patients with Dr. Kevin Chen and Dr. Linda Nadia Hole




Each presenter has 10-15 minutes to showcase their main practice, anyone would like longer presentation pls contact Yingxing to arrange into other breakout rooms.

Teresa Yeung is a Generational Master of Chi Gong, visionary, medical intuitive, and 2 X #1 international bestselling award winning author. The mission and motivation of Master Teresa is rooted in a traditional Chinese Proverb, “when you give a person a fish, you feed them once, but if you teach them how to fish, you feel them for a lifetime.” She founded the Pureland International Qi Gong to raise consciousness, and develop knowledge and teachings to accelerate integrative healings of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual state. She is the sole successor of Grandmaster Weizhao Wu’s lineage. In 1995 Wu obtained the highest official title in China and further appointed as Liasion Man to select Qi Gong talent for China. He was a National Treasure of China and creator of the highly successful Wu’s Eye Qi Gong helped millions of people.

Ken Nelson is dedicated to helping people heal, grow and awaken with mind-body practices and the wisdom traditions. He teaches beginner-friendly Qigong, yoga and meditation at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and at senior centers in the Berkshires. He offers winter retreats in Florida. Ken is also a regular Qigong teacher at Eastover.

Greg DiLisio has over 30 years of Qigong practice and has taught Qigong workshops at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Qigong lectures at Canyon Ranch Destination Spa Lenox, and Qigong classes for years in Switzerland and Scotland. Greg is also a regular Qigong teacher at Eastover and provides Acupuncture and Massage there as well.

Jay Emmanuel is the author of “The Healing Forces of Harmonic Sounds and Vibrations, the Power of the Mind and the Voice’. As a singer having a powerful melodic range, Jay Emmanuel masterfully blends voice, colors, lights and sounds, and the use of Seven Alchemy Quartz Crystal Bowls and Himalayan Bowls calibrated to specific frequencies in the human body to achieve maximum sound healing.

David Haines is a gifted practitioner and teacher of the art of moving well. He has been practicing Tai Chi and Qigong since 1974, and teaching since 1988. Studying with teachers such as Chungliang Al Huang and Roger Jahnke has allowed David to develop a warm, non-judgmental teaching style that helps people improve their health, increase longevity and realize inner peace. David is also a certified practitioner of the Trager® Approach to Movement and delights in helping individuals discover their unique paths to self-care through relaxed, effortless movement.

Ding Zhang received his B.S. from University of Science & Technology of China, his M.S. from Tsinghua University, and his Ph.D. from University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Appointed in 1997, Dr. Zhang teaches courses in Materials Management, Management Science, Operations Management and Forecasting. He has numerous publications most recently in European Journal of Operational Research, Operations Research and Management, and Computers and Operations Research. Dr. Zhang has also participated in several conferences both nationally and internationally.

Bill Wrenn is a certified Qigong and Tai Chi Teacher. Bill has practiced yoga, meditation and other forms of energy work for over 30 years, and has received training in Qigong and Tai Chi from the Institute of Integral Qigong & Tai Chi.

Carlos Cuellar Brown MT-BC

“Re-tuning the Vital Body”
Ancient mystics and Chinese physicians believed that sound was a carrier of energy, capable of healing and restoring harmony in our bodies.

Carlos Cuellar Brown is a board-certified Music Therapist with 10 years of clinical experience, he is trained in sound therapy, relaxation methods, guided imagery, and mindfulness. He will introduce the basics of sound therapy as an alternative to the healing process and demonstrate how to retune the vital body using toning practices and mindfulness.

Scot Vighi a gifted energy medicine healer. He is a Qi-gong and Reiki Master who possesses a unique ability for clearing chronic pain and habitual patterns of
He holds masters degrees in Ericsonian hypnotherapy, USUI Reiki, The National Academy of Sports Medicine, and is the founder of the White Wolf Path: a comprehensive program teaching the five cornerstones of a transformational practice
~Chi~gong breath and movement,
~Ouspenski’s Philosophy of evolution,
~Kundalini Yoga breathing techniques,
~Basic operatic vocal skills,
~The Taoist Foundational practice.

For 29 years, Scot has worked with people from around the world: leading seminars, applying hands-on healing body work, teaching meditation, and coaching advanced physical fitness training sessions.

Morning program ends 12:30pm

Lunch 12:30 – 1:30 pm

Master Yun Ping Hu Taichi Fan performance. Trained with Hongqin Yu and the Taiji Prince Sitan Chen, Ms Yunping Hu has learned multiple forms of Tai Chi Chuan, won more than 10 gold medels in Tai Chi Quan competetions in the Northeastern part of US, and coaches Tai Chi Chuan in several places.

Boston Taichi lovers perform Yang Style 16 form Taichi. The team consists of Tai Chi lovers of Boston with experiences ranging from a few months to twenty years. In addition to Ms Hu and Dr. He, Ms Zongzai Tian is 80 years old and a cancer survivor, Mr Rupurt Hon teaches Tai Chi in senior center and is the leader for a Tai Chi group, Guofeng is an expert in Tai Chi theory, Simon is a Tai Chi activist whose performance includes NBA games, Jason is the author of several articles in Tai Chi magazines.

Dr. Deguang He is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist and was a medical doctor in China. Dr. He graduated from Anhui College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is the first person in China to receive a Master’s Degree in Medical Qigong & Acupuncture. He has eight years of training in both Eastern and Western Medicine and over 28 years of clinical experience in China, Soviet Union, Japan and the United States. He is Assistant Professor, Qigong instructor and clinical supervisor at the New England School of Acupuncture in Newton, Massachusetts. He also practices in wellness center of Salem Hospital in Salem, Massachusetts.

Dr. He specializes in treating pain, cancer, depression and anxiety, overweight by using acupuncture, Qigong and/or herbs. He offers regular classes of Taichi and Qigong as well.

Sifu Terrence Dunn performing:

1. Eight Sections of Energy Combined, the Preparatory Form – 1 min.

2. First 1/3 of the 60-posture Yang Tai Chi Form created by GM William C.C. Chen. 2 min.

3. Yang Tai Chi Sword Form (William Chen’s) – 2 min.

4. Wudang Elixir Sword Form (Wudang Dan Jian) – 3 min.

5. “Fei Feng San Gung” – Ehrmei Mountain Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Qigong:
“Moonbeam Splashes on Water” moving meditation. – 2 min.

*If there’s more time, I can also add:

6. Liu He Ba Fa (Six Harmonies & Eight Methods Boxing) – first half of 510 movement form.
LHBF was created in Sung Dynasty at Huashan by the legendary saint Chen Xi-I (Chen Tuan).

Saturday Evening 7:30 – 9:30pm

8:15 – 9:00pm Awakening in the Relationship

Ding Zhang received his B.S. from University of Science & Technology of China, his M.S. from Tsinghua University, and his Ph.D. from University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Appointed in 1997, Dr. Zhang teaches courses in Materials Management, Management Science, Operations Management and Forecasting. He has numerous publications most recently in European Journal of Operational Research, Operations Research and Management, and Computers and Operations Research. Dr. Zhang has also participated in several conferences both nationally and internationally.

As part of his community service, Dr. Zhang is the principal for the CNY Chinese School in Manlius, N.Y. as well as a reviewer for the National Science Foundation, U.S.A. and Research Grants Council, Hong Kong. In 2011, he received a grant by the National Foundation of China and in 2009, he received the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Scholarly and Creative Activity.

9:00 pm – 10:00pm Panel of Mindfulness and Meditation Q and A w Grand Master Douglas Lee, Master Teresa Yeung, Lock Kelly, Ding Zhang Ph.D

Sunday at 9:00am – 11:30am

Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowl and Krystal Bowl with Jay Emmanuel

taichi qigong taijiquan qigong taichi taichi world qigong taichi day

World Taichi Qigong Day was very successful! Check out our testimonials:

Big congratulations for the success of your first, real WTCQD at Eastover.  The program was well put together with an interesting and experienced assortment of presenters.  I appreciated the way the presenters were flexible to adapt their talk or demonstration to add something fresh to the program.  They went with the flow as, of course, they would.  The taiji demonstrations right after lunch were well timed to add something light, colorful, musical and well performed.  Most enjoyable.  I’m sure word will spread so that even more people will attend next year.

Wholehearted thanks to the whole community coming together for this very important event; continuing such work will change our economy with less doctor visits. Not only people will be happier, they will be more productive. Nature will benefit, because Qigong, Taichi, and TCM people care, love, and respect nature.

“Ying, thank you so much for hosting such an amazing weekend. I learned and experienced a lot. I look forward to coming back soon for a retreat!
Warm Regards,
Mark from CT”

Dear Ann, It was so wonderful to spent time at the Eastover Estate and met so many wonderful people over the weekend! I had a great two day sleep over there and even when I came back home Last night, I slept from 9 pm to 6:30 am this morning, never had such a good and peaceful sleep. I dreamed many little creatures fly away from my head. And I wake up with a much cleaner head. Doesn’t this mean “放下- letting go“?

Thank You for the marvelous Weekend – I wanted to thank you for your generosity and welcoming as well as for the wonderful Qigong weekend at Eastover.
The opportunity to connect with such great masters was unique and powerful.
I hope that you keep me in mind for any future presentations as I would love to be present in the dynamic flow of wellness services and education at Eastover
My special rapport with Jay Emmanuel is also something for which I am grateful and this weekend helped me to establish a continued relationship with him.

Your warm staff and personal deserves a special mention, they were all very helpful and professional

Thanks again!

Yours Truly


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You may download 天人合一 The Harmony of Human and Nature’s word document here.