We are not what our eyes see

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Zhuang Tzu (4th century BCE)

Fable 日凿一窍,七日而混沌死 – Hun Dun was wise and happy, till one day one hole of senses was chiseled on its face, 7 days when all 7 holes of senses were chiseled, Hun Dun died. Here Zhuang Tzu told a story of real human Hun Dun died because the 7 holes of senses got activated and he died of indulgence of the senses.

Then words and conceptions became a necessity of communication. Humans began to live more and more in their own head rather than in experiencing what the Dao created. Zhuang Tzu was Lao Tzu’s student and a serious meditator, such fable was warning to not indulge only in the senses, returning to Hun Dun is the way.

Lao Tzu – 道生一, 一生二, 二生三, 三生万物 (chapter 42 Dao De Jing)- The Dao give birth to One, The One give birth to two – Ying and Yang (阴和阳), Ying and Yang reacted with another give birth to three, three give birth to everything: Humans, plants, animals, trees, …,

We are not bounded by only what we see, touch, and hear …. We are our expansive consciousness, and we are that unitary one consciousness inclusive of all, because of this, we are moments and moments of connected consciousness, we can instantly experience someone else’s headache or pain through our body thousands of miles away, and this is why when we are walking on a forest path, suddenly all plants, trees, insects and animals can become one with us, as if they become alive and communicating with us. Our solidified vision seems like suddenly had a special camera on. These are our true self moments, when our mind is still, and heart totally emerged with who we are.

Such truth embraces all, all valid and equal, each is all part of this unitary existence! It’s inclusive of all, not this or that, It’s this and that. That’s the natural law and the truth of the universe! The Dao – father of all never labeled anything. Never named anything. Never conceptualized anything. It is only the human brain did. Naming and conceptualization created differentiation, pain and suffering stemmed from this.

Children endure little misunderstanding or done something by mistake is not a big deal, but social consciousness, naming, labeling, good or bad, judgment naturally turn into self-shame, into adulthood that’s cause suffering. We often find validation from books people wrote, should it matter? Who and whose book said this or that way, does it matter. One thought is one human, one human can be many books. When can we begin to realize how much we waste our life always have to compare or validate our thought or action in reference to someone’s book? How much the society through differentiation of books separated people and making humans prison of words, conceptions and books? The Dao give birth to all, the ugly, the wounded, the suffered, the earthquake, the thunder and the sunshine, the gentle and the violent, all came about equal, and all embraced by the Dao. Only the differentiation of the brain made them different. Cause the contracted heart that project out shame, suffering, happiness, …, but all is part of the Dao – the totally harmonious autonomous creation and operation of the cosmos.

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